Halloween Goodies

November 4, 2009 at 4:33 am 1 comment

In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, I’d like to present to you all of the goodies I made for my family and friends, and where you can find the recipes.

First we have Sweet Potato Biscuits, which I made from the Great American Bake Sale Cookbook by Michael J. Ronsen.  Since this is a compilation, the actual creators of the recipe are Carole and Norma Jean Darden.  These puffy hockey pucks are moist, fluffy, and have a slight hint of sweet potato flavor that’s only enhanced by a smear of maple butter.


Mmmmm orange.

Then we have the chocolate chip pumpkin cookie from bitchincamero, loaded with green chile sugar (my personal addition).  These are moist and very cakey, along the lines of a whoopie pie, and have plenty of choco-packed surprises.  Next time I’ll consider adding pieces of chocolate-covered toffee.


Bad picture, but in some ways it captures the moreish quality!

I had leftover pumpkin and some gingersnaps to get rid of, so I took advantage and made these Pumpkin Cream Cheese Truffles with Gingersnaps and enrobed in White Chocolate. These were very sticky and didn’t come out like perfect round globes, but they had an excellent flavor.  And they’re definitely of the two-bite variety. You can find the recipe here from the beautiful and helpful blog lillyella.


Ohhh my pretties!!

Then, the obligatory French macaron.  It is of my belief that a macaron should be customized for every holiday, season, month, and occasion of the year, and Halloween is no exception.  I had had enough pumpkin, so instead of going down the orange/black route, I went with green and black.  The green buttercream filling is made with matcha powder to produce the vibrant color.  The black macaron shells – lotsa lotsa artificial food coloring!! I snagged this recipe, and cut it in half, from the most recent Daring Bakers Challenge. Here’s where I got the recipe.



Last but not least – I made an ice cream.  It’s from “Desserts to Die For” by Marcel Desaulniers.  Here’s a man who is skinny, and has no qualms about concocting (and eating) desserts worth a million calories per delicious square inch.  His “Trick-or-Treat” ice cream is one of many from that category.  It’s an orange custard base, laiden with a gooey dark caramel and chocolate bonbon sauce.  The recipe calls for adding chocolate chips and peanuts, but I opted for some pretty pieces of candy corn to give it a more festive feel.  Naturally, you can use whatever kind of candy you want, as long as it’s small enough to be consumed, with ice cream, in one bite.  Here’s a pic:


mmmm. This ice cream also has a super creamy texture.

There you have it – my plan to make myself gain 100 pounds by the time the night turns to dawn.  At least it will be a delicious road to travel on.  Happy Halloween!


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